Pinch & Peverelist + newnumbertwo at The Black Box

Infrasound is a frequency lower than 20hz, the theoretical limit of human hearing. Anything below this threshold is no longer a “sound” but rather a feeling, where it ceases to be audible noise, and simply becomes air pressure. Psychologist Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire suggests that people who sense the presence of ghosts are actually perceiving infrasound, rather than a manifestation of a deceased individual (so that ghost you saw while on two hits was probably just your refrigerator hum, mannn). Additionally, infrasound is used in nuclear detection, where an array of sensors detect these frequencies, filtering out more common noises, in order to detect if atoms have fissioned somewhere on the planet (we are looking at you, Kim). Yet when Pinch and Peverelist came to The Black Box, we can only assume that somewhere in the world a paranormal investigator got a text message, and a general had a sleepless night wondering if a flurry of nukes just collided with Denver, Colorado. No worries General. That wasn’t The Dirty D being glassed, that was another type of collision, one that comes from Bristol (UK) boys Pinch and Peverelist. 

Newnumbertwo. Photo Credit: Gwendolyn Ross

I wish I was able to arrive earlier to see newnumbertwo, the brainchild of Wallace Winfrey — co-founder of the local outfit Sorted — but alas, that did not happen. By the way, this is not to be confused with the more popular TheNewNo2, which consists of George Harrison’s son. George Harrison’s son does not play dark, beat driven electronic music… unfortunately.

Peverelist. Photo Credit: Gwendolyn Ross

Arriving as Peverelist graced the Bass Couch soundsystem in the main room of The Black Box, I was treated to a rarity in that room: techno-breakbeats. Sitting between 125 – 150 BPM, Peverelist’s set felt more like something for the hallowed halls of Berghain, Berlin, than Denver, Colorado. Jacking kick drums, with tribal laden percussive elements laid the foundation for washing pads, and jabbing synths, creating a scandalous, sexy wall of sound that certainly possessed my legs (maybe sub frequencies are ghosts?).

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Pinch. Photo Credit: Gwendolyn Ross

Next up was Pinch, who archetypically looks somewhere between a mortician, and a Bond villain, with his tall, lanky stature and shaved head. Based on appearance alone, I speculate that he plays dubstep in order to counteract his desires for acquiring weapons grade plutonium and ghost hunting, as a sort of research backed catharsis.  Now, the dubstep that Pinch played isn’t the type of dubstep that is normally found around these parts. No woo boosting, or sex grunts. No Skrillex buildups. No 16 year old girls with fake IDs, sucking on pacifiers, and dosed to the eyeballs on bath salts. Instead, just low, oscillating frequencies, with the occasional UK grime MC or Rasta ramble. No buildups, more breakdowns. The crowd was mature, and visibly not on bath salts. Note: I only saw one set of dreadlocks.

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Pinch B2B Peverelist. Photo Credit: Gwendolyn Ross

Then came the finale, where Pinch and Peverelist played B2B from 12:30 until close. Now, I was hoping they’d play one of their more techno infused sets, however, this is Denver, the dubstep capital of the United States, so the set was more akin to Pinch’s earlier set, with dub influences, livity sounds and punishing infrasound enveloping the walls of The Black Box’s main room. Because for this night Denver was Bristol and Bristol was Denver, and somewhere the gods of dub smile down upon us, and grace us with their grimey presence.  

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Speaking of The Black Box, this week on 10/04 and 10/05 are two amazing acts. First, is Pantha Du Prince from Norway, and Tin Man from Austria. I am really looking forward to hearing these on The Black Box’s stellar sound. Expect a review of each as well.

About the author: fckdsko is a producer and DJ originally from NY, but residing in Colorado for 8 years. On top of making his own brand of psychedelic electronic music, he also likes to attend shows and write about them! You can check out his music on SoundCloud.

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